Menu? Check! Our wedding food tasting experience

You guys, WeddingWire is seriously stressing me out. At this point I don’t even have due dates on my checklist, everything just says “overdue.” Including ordering invitations – though I have no idea why they insist on ordering them in May when they aren’t being mailed until late September/early October. Can anyone fill me in on that? I have enough wedding crap taking up space in my house – I don’t even know where I’d shove a box of invites. Seriously, look at this checklist:

I’ve been engaged for almost two years – how am I so far behind?? Anyway, so I’m overdue in ordering invites, but before I could do that I obviously needed to know what my meal choices were so I could include them on response cards. I really don’t know why I’ve been putting off the tasting (other than the fact that I’ve clearly just been putting off everything…), but my incredibly involved fiancé set up an appointment for us. At least one of us is on top of things, right?

Is it a red flag that when we walked in, the event coordinator said it was nice to finally meet us? This was our third meeting with him! I try to justify it by saying our last meeting was over a year ago, but still. Not only did he forget about us, he forgot that at that last meeting he said he would offer filet mignon as one of our meal choices. But throughout wedding planning I’m learning that I have to pick my battles, and this wasn’t one I felt like fighting, so I didn’t even mention it. 

Here’s what we tasted:

Our first two plates that were brought out together were our pork and steak options. I’m not at all into pork chops, but these came with an apple cider demi glaze which I thought would be perfect for November. Thankfully, the glaze was almost *too* strong for me, so we were able to eliminate that pretty quickly. The steak, though, was delicious! Asian marinated – although I didn’t really pick up on that, but it was tasty nonetheless – with chimichurri. I’m still not 100% sure what chimichurri is, but I think I tasted cilantro, so that’s good enough for me! Don’t judge the food by the photos – they don’t do it justice! I was trying to snap photos fast because it seemed like every time I took out my phone, the coordinator came over to the table and I had to quickly put it down.

The next two plates were our chicken options: statler breast of chicken stuffed with baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and prosciutto, in a herb buerre blanc. Is your mouth watering yet? Wait for the next one. Tuscan chicken in sun-dried tomato, portobello, and sherry cream sauce. This was tough to choose from, and so I’m glad my fiancé had a clear favorite! It was actually the opposite of what he thought he’d want after reading the descriptions – he’s a fan of prosciutto and mozzarella – but he went with the Tuscan chicken because he felt like it was more unique. He said he felt like he’s tasted the statler before. And he probably has – I know at least two people who’ve had it at their wedding. 

As far as we were concerned, our menu choices were going to be the Asian marinated steak and the Tuscan chicken, but there were two more plates brought out to us to try anyway: the fish dishes. I’m not a big fish eater, though I do more or less like salmon. This one just wasn’t cooked as much as I’m used to. The other option, crab stuffed haddock, didn’t appeal to me in the least. The stuffing was great, but the fish itself? Ugh I couldn’t eat much of it. Fish is so gross. 

At the end of the day, this is what we ended up with for our menu – how’s it look?
Hor d’uerve:

*cheese and cracker platter with fresh fruit display

*seasonal bruschetta


*garden salad with rolls

Entree choices:

*asian marinated steak with chimichurri 

*tuscan chicken in a sherry wine cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes and portobello mushrooms

*vegetarian option: pasta primavera

*kid’s meals: chicken fingers and fries, or mac and cheese


*garlic mashed potatoes

*seasonal vegetable medley

We’ll also have a coffee and tea station set up, as well as our dessert which I’m super excited about and will talk about in a future post!


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