From disappointment to homeownership – with a little help from above

We all know someone who has planted a statue of St. Joseph in their lawn, hoping to sell their home. It’s common knowledge that he’s the go-to guy for that, no matter how many reservations I have about actually burying him. But what’s not quite as widely known, at least not to my knowledge, is that there’s someone ready and willing to help you buy a home, as well. And let me tell you, does she deliver.

House hunting has been quite a process, and one that probably wouldn’t have worked out as well without some divine intervention.

For months we checked Zillow’s rentals on a daily (or twice/thrice daily to be honest) basis. But the perfect apartment just wasn’t there. From small, third floor places, to areas of town that were less than ideal, to just being plain picky (we passed on all places that didn’t allow pets, even though we don’t have any yet), we had no luck. This was months ago, so our mindset was that we had plenty of time to be picky. The right place would come along.

Enter fiancé’s parents. They suggested we buy a cheap house (is there even such a thing as a cheap house? Hah!) and spend the summer fixing it up. I mean, he’s a teacher and would have plenty of time this summer to renovate before our fall wedding, so the search for a fixer-upper began.

Oh my God. Don’t do it.

After looking at a few complete dumps we realized we had to close the door on that idea. We just didn’t have the money for all that the houses around here required. And more honestly: we didn’t have the patience or the ambition.

We were back to square one, back to searching for rentals, no matter the imperfections. But then things started turning around. Houses – nice houses! – were coming on the market. And we could actually afford them! There was our first choice: a cute little brick house down the road from my family. But by the time we got our pre-qualification letter, it was already pending.

So we moved on to plan B. Also pending. [A note to people who are searching for homes: we realized afterward that lists what’s pending much faster than Zillow.]

Then there was the house across the street from my family. The inside was perfect! We were excited! Until the mason quoted us at $30,000 for repairs to the foundation that the seller refuses to fix on his own. Oh, and the possibility that the garage could collapse. Needless to say, we quickly pulled our interest on that one.

It was an endless cycle of this could be the one! Nope, not the one.

All the while, I had my eye on a house in my neighborhood that I knew was empty. I waited for it to go on the market, but it never did. So I needed to put this search in the hands of the only being that could handle it: God.

Like I said, I’ve always known that we Catholics look to St. Joseph when we need help selling a house, but I had no idea who was ready to help us buy one. After a little research I found my answer: Our Lady of Loreto.

So I began my novena, praying every day for nine days that she would intercede for us. That God would lead us to the right place, to where He willed us to be. The novena ended on May 4, less than one week ago.

Just two days after that my fiancé and I were sitting in his car outside of the movie theater, wasting time until we could get our seats for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (awesome, awesome, awesome movie. Oh Yondu.) when he got a text from his mom. “Big news!” it said.

My future father-in-law ran into a man he knows (who is somehow related, though I’m not sure how. Let’s say cousin? Sounds right.) when he was picking up dinner, and they started catching up. When this cousin mentioned cleaning out his mother-in-law’s house to sell, we came up in conversation, and were invited to view the house.

The timeline of it all is crazy.

May 4: Novena to Our Lady of Loreto ends

May 6: We get invited to view a house before it goes to the realtor.

May 7: We visited – and loved – it.

May 8: Offer made. Offer accepted.

There’s still paperwork to do. Inspections and whatnot, the usual. But for all intents and purposes… we’re basically homeowners.

Not only does Our Lady work fast, she makes sure to tie up loose ends as well. Remember that house I had been waiting to go on the market? We got an email from a realtor friend the same day we viewed the other house, letting us know that it was being listed, and giving us dibs. It made me question everything. I had waited for this house so long.

But as it turns out, it was $40,000 more than the one we’re buying, and had less to offer. I really believe God put this in place to erase any “what ifs” in my mind. I mean, it had been empty for so long. And it becomes an option for us the day we’ve unofficially committed to somewhere else? I needed to know that it was not, in fact, an option. I needed that peace of mind.

So that’s that. Four days post-novena, we were blessed with the right home for us.

Thank you Our Lady of Loreto, for your intercession. God is good.

I’ll leave the novena here for all who may need it (I originally read it from a screenshot on my phone, and so I don’t have the original link it came from. I’ll update this if I find it again).

I just implore your Holy Name. Help me find a house in union of your Holy Son our Lord Jesus Christ and your Holy husband St. Joseph. For the peace and happiness that you found in your Holy House of Loreto, where you lived happily by the grace and blessing that the Holy Father granted you.

I implore you spiritually to help me. I concentrate on my future home. Holy Mother of Loreto grant us health, peace, and happiness in our lives. Just like your house was Holy and blessed by God, I ask that my future house be blessed and protected by you and by God. If you help me Holy Virgin and grant my request [state your request here] I will make He who is my friend bless you also.

[Say three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and one Glory Be.]

Good luck, future home buyers!



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